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About us

     Efiniti (Hongkong) Co., Limited is a very vigorous and mighty economic entity, perfectly integrating science, industry and trade all at once, which specializes in designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and maintaining all kinds of lifting equipment, as well providing lots of spare parts and components. The products we carried on include European double-girder crane and single-girder crane, jib crane, electric wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist, explosion-proof hoist and dust free room, etc. The available load capacity could be up to 120 tons. Meanwhile, we are the professional agent of Germany ABUS Crane, Japan Endo Pneumatic Lifting Equipment and Japan Kito Hoisting Equipment, etc. Our company appeals kinds of customers, obtaining lots of thumbs-ups, by virtue of the good products quality, high reliability, high-technology, reasonable price, the superior after-sales service and the great reputation.

     There are many leading technicians of this business in our company engaged in products development and design. The wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist we independently researched and developed adopt Germany ABM gear box, and the structure design completely employs FEM standard, in the usage of Germany drawing to ameliorate and manufacture, process and examine. Positioning in the high technology, good quality, reliable safety and greatly cost-effective performance, our products have owed a dozen technical patents, some of which even have applied for the international patent.

     The electric wire rope hoist and chain hoist we manufactured use the Europe-style design, rendering the compact structure, the small size and the short distance between hooks, also the light weight, which are perfect for use in tight or narrow quarters, in the good consequence of saving the workshop investment. Moreover, the noise is lower than 70 db, and the less energy consumption could economize the daily cost. All the standard hoists, last but certainly not least, can be up to M5/2m or more.

     Efiniti is the professional manufacturer and supplier, having the world’s leading lightweight lifting and material handling technology, devoting itself to the research and development of hoisting device and material handling. It constantly pursues the industrial progress for taking the new concept and developing new products. Based on the rich experience and professional design, the company provides the lightweight, reliable, capable and efficient lifting products to the customers, which could satisfy various operating conditions. Thus, it could decrease the client’s investment, increase productivity, and reduce the worker’s labor intensity, lessen daily maintenance, and save the operating cost, to gain a good return on investment.

     The Germany ABUS cranes and Japan KITO cranes, Japan Endo Pneumatic Lifting Equipment, Konecranes, our enterprise agented, are all the superior products around the world, and adopted in the high-value clients group in China, widely-used in defense industry and nuclear power enterprises. Our company is allowed to export trade, provided it does not damage the interests of local agents.

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