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EF-Jib crane
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YKL Crane could provide high-quality and cost effective pillar standing or wall mounted jib cranes up with 360° full rotation, loading capacity up to 2000kg and arm length up to 6m.
The specific and unique design makes it easy to be used with the least power, which is very crucial to ergonomic engineering and minimizes potential pressure on customers.
Performing work in teams unites the potentials of individuals to form a strong company. jib cranes are efficient partners performing their tasks reliably and easing the load on the people who use them. With its comprehensive product range of jib cranes, YKL offers flexible and cost efficient material handling solutions for any job in the workplace.
YKL jib cranes can be individually tailored - from the type of mounting or hoist to optional configurations for particular requirements
With the touch of a button, they can handle loads up to 6.3 tones precisely and effortlessly - whether mounted on their own pillars or on walls or columns. For loading machines, changing heavy tools or lifting work pieces onto tables for processing – with YKL jib cranes, the lifting is easier, more efficient and safer.
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