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EF-KBK system
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The KBK System is one of the most successful developments in lifting and material handling technology, combining the effectiveness of a stationary hoist with the mobility of an overhead crane, efficiently and cost-effectively for safe load capacity up to 2000kg. Anyone who needs assistance with lifting and handling loads at their place of work, in warehouses, workshops or factories, should have a KBK System available, which means that these systems must be affordable. Today’s KBK System features a combination of advanced technology, economy, flexibility, quality and ergonomics which has gained full recognition in our market. The secret of our success has been to fulfill the individual requirements of each customer’s application.

Compared to the regular KBK system, the KBK aluminum track has much more strengths with modular design, accurate positioning, low noise, less hazard rate, high efficiency, low costs.
Detailed information:
Maximum lifting load capacity: 500kg
Maximum lifting moment: 150N.m
Recommended power: 50kw
Recommended hydraulic flow: 200L/min
Rated hydraulic pressure: 100Mpa
Fuel tank capacity: 300L
Turning angle: 180°
Body weight: 350t
Span: 12m

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