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KITO chain hoist ER2 series
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Capacity load: 125kg-20 t
Application: better in 24voltage 
The first dual-speed standard built-in frequency conversion control system over world
ER2 anti-proof type
Totally in accordance with international standard, conforming to the latest technical norms of IEC
Generally the electric chain hoist could be widely used in kinds of industries. And when in the situation full of inflammable and explosive gases, little sparks have to be avoided. Thus, KITO anti-proof hoist is much available for you.
When 2 hoists are in use at the same time, please select the electric hoist that single rated load could lift the loads. 3 or more hoists are in use simultaneously, discussing us in advance.
Advantages: configuration in small size and light weight, design in selectable lifts, low maintenance cost, high cost-efficiency, in the use of the most advanced lifting chain over the world with the super high strength and life span.
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