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Ceiling Fans
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工业风扇大风扇的特点Characteristics:大风量,低转速	Large airflow rate, slow revolution speed在很低的转速下提供很大的风量To supply large wind volume with very low revolution rate同其他风扇的区别Distinctions for other fans:尺寸直径2.4m~7.3m  Diameter 2.4m--7.3m设计和工程(特殊的扇叶)Design and engineering(the special fan blades)优势Strengths:安静,高效运行,没有烦人的高速气流和噪音;To be silent, be efficient, without high speed airflow and noise几乎是免维护(建议每20000小时检查一次);Almost maintenance-free(available for examination/hour)运行费用低廉low cost;大大降低了大门频繁开启关闭时对室内的空气的影响;To decrease the influence of the air when frequently door opened and closed从地板到天花板和墙到墙,提供一个恒定的均匀的温度;To supply a stable and average temperature between ceiling and floor, wall to wall将最大限度的减少在新建筑中的采暖和空气调节系统需要的昂贵的管道工程;To the most extent, cutting the costed pipe engineering for warming and air condition叶片设计的独特性Uniqueness of blades通过具有专利的鲸力技术,在相同直径下,获得比同类产品更大的风量。With the Whale Patent technology, in the same diameter, lager airflowrate is captured

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